Are you comparing apples with apples?

White paper

Account-based ticketing and accepting EMV cards in transit are not exactly the same


The transit industry has been flooded with new terms such as EMV, contactless, first tap risk, open-loop and account-based ticketing.

Our latest whitepaper unpacks the key terms and their relevance to your strategy, especially when it comes to EMV and account-based ticketing.

This white paper discusses:

  • The difference between EMV and account-based ticketing
  • Essential terms for account-based systems in public transport
  • Implementing an account-based system with or without closed-loop cards, online or offline.
Account Based Ticketing White paper Snapper Services

Are you considering a business case for additional payment channels?

If you are thinking about adding a payment channel to your existing card-based system, make sure that your business case is robust.

This white paper discusses risks of bolt-on EMV, that may increase the cost of fare collection.

There are a variety of payment methods possible in an account-based system

But each needs to be considered with the value it brings to your business. Unless you're starting from a greenfield, position, the ability to migrate a successful card-based system to a full account-based system is difficult, time consuming and expensive.